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K&B Communications is a family business with technical staff who have worked with us for a long time. It affects the way we conduct business and build partnerships with customers. For us, excellent customer benefits mean goals, and they are always simple. It’s about creating a team that is full of energy & enthusia for what we do. K&B Communications representatives provide an area where our representatives can accomplish everything at a professional level. We believe in achieving professional success through coaching, professional and entrepreneurial training, and benefit sharing. The loyalty of our relatives is based on mutual trust, regardless of the expected assignment of tasks or the division of duties. Our organizational culture is undoubtedly the most needed, and it is reflected in all our work. Today, K&B Communications is composed of a strong and balanced team. Each of our colleagues has unique skills in the areas of voice, data, security and cabling, and IP-based extensions.

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K&B History

In a similar manner as other small businesses, K&B Communications began in a garage. UM Brown set out to assemble a low voltage cabling organization in 2003. Mr. Brown grew K&B with his industry knowledge before getting into the business for himself. Keven Brown, UM’s son, took over the business in 2015 and has grown and expanded it outside of Nevada. Keven has worked with his dad since he was a child during the summers and has helped grow K&B Communications into one of the biggest, most trusted low voltage contractors in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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