History of the Wireless Network


February 25, 2021

30 years ago telecom/voice was at top of the consumer’s mind, which has changed. Data is now a product that is at top of mind.

In the 80’s it was all analog technology which is considered as 1G

2G came out in 1990, which introduced Mobile, SMS, Picture, and MMS. 2G provides digitally encrypted technology.

3G started in 1998, which provided faster speeds in mobile and the ability to do video calls and mobile TVs.


4G came out in 2009 which introduced LTE. LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution. Which was provided faster speeds power IP telephony, mobile internet access, gaming, Hi-Def, TV, Video Conferencing and 3D TV

LTE Advanced in 2013 which provided the ability for higher speeds and more capacity.

5G came out in 2018 which has recently started to be implemented into the cities.

Different speeds of the internet allow businesses to do more with less.

At K&B Communications we understand the importance of understanding how far our technology has come. The Internet has made drastic changes throughout our year and as communication professionals, it is our job to keep up with the new trends.