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Las Vegas IT Management Podcast: An Interview with Don Jacobson

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Las Vegas IT Management Podcast: An Interview with Don Jacobson

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Exploring the Five Key Areas of the Innovation District

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In our latest episode of the Las Vegas IT Management Podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Don Jacobson, an IT business partner managing the CLV Innovation Center. Don shared valuable insights into her role, the goals of the Innovation District in Las Vegas, and the impact of emerging technologies on the local community.

Role and Goals of the Innovation District

Don Jacobson’s role as an IT business partner is to act as a bridge between technology and business. He helps develop technology strategies, find solutions to problems, manage services, handle risks, and maintain relationships. Don works closely with the local startup scene and the entrepreneurial community in Las Vegas, providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

The CLV Innovation Center, managed by Don, is a physical space where people can collaborate and experiment with new technologies. It offers co-working spaces, office space for startups, and programs to help new businesses grow. Additionally, the center hosts workshops and events to support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Don Jacobson

Key Topics from the Conversation

  1. Challenges and Opportunities in Transportation and Mobility Don discussed the significant challenges and opportunities in transportation and mobility within the city. Safety, efficiency, and the integration of various modes of transportation are critical areas of focus. The Innovation Center is involved in projects like the operation of autonomous shuttles to address these issues.

  2. Incorporation of Emerging Technologies The Innovation Center is at the forefront of integrating new technologies across different sectors. These include civic technology, medical devices, and even cannabis delivery. These innovations are crucial for the city’s growth and development.

  3. Impact on the City and Its Residents The Innovation Center’s initiatives have a profound impact on the city and its residents. From improving health outcomes in underserved communities to enhancing public safety through data-driven resource deployment and accident prevention, the center’s work is making a difference.

  4. Collaboration Among Stakeholders Collaboration is key to the success of the Innovation District. The center works with technology vendors, other cities, and various stakeholders in the public and private sectors to share knowledge and best practices.

  5. Future Goals Looking ahead, the Innovation Center aims to expand its physical locations, increase incubation and acceleration programs, and focus on workforce development to prepare for the future of automation and AI.

Tune in to this episode of the Las Vegas IT Management Podcast to hear more from Don Jacobson about the exciting developments and future plans for the Innovation District and the CLV Innovation Center.

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