An Easy Guide to Top Low Voltage Contractors in Las Vegas

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An Easy Guide to Top Low Voltage Contractors in Las Vegas

When you need specialized electrical services in Las Vegas, it’s crucial to find reliable and skilled low-voltage contractors. These professionals handle everything from setting up complex network systems to installing security cameras and smart home devices. Here’s a simple rundown of some of the best low-voltage contractors in the area.


Demco stands out for its trustworthy and professional services, focusing on communication and security installations like data cabling and CCTV systems. They have built a strong reputation over more than a decade by ensuring high-quality setups that meet their client’s diverse needs. For detailed information, check out their site: [DemcoLV]

Pegasus Low Voltage

Pegasus Low Voltage specializes in advanced home automation and entertainment systems, including custom home theaters and sophisticated fiber optic networks. This contractor is highly recommended by others in the industry, including our team at K&B Communications, for projects that require specialized expertise. Our ongoing partnership with the owner of Pegasus Low Voltage has enriched our service offerings, making them a valued collaborator in the industry. Learn more about their innovative solutions on their website.

Communication Electronic Systems (CES)

Communication Electronic Systems (CES), with a foundation dating back to 1987, offers a wide array of services, including fire alarm systems, nurse call setups, and comprehensive data and surveillance systems. Their long history in the market is a testament to their reliability and broad expertise. For more information about their offerings, visit [CES].

Vegas Low Voltage

Vegas Low Voltage focuses on achieving high customer satisfaction by using only the best materials for their projects. They provide a wide range of low-voltage services, ensuring durable and effective installations. If you’re looking for a contractor that values quality and customer care, they are a strong option. More details can be found here:

These companies each bring their unique strengths to the table and are known for their commitment to quality and customer service. Whether upgrading your business or enhancing your home technology, these contractors have the skills needed for a successful project. For specific service details and to request quotes, visiting their websites is recommended.

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